The fit is our main priority


We have an extensive experience crafting dentures using the latest systems and materials to design and fabricate removable prosthetics.  All appliances are fabricated on digital models, or duplicates of the master cast enabling our clients to pre-fit cases prior to the final seating appointment.  We offer a variety of options, frameworks, acrylics, and flexible materials.  If you have questions about the right type of material for your patient, our technicians are available for treatment plans to work through the expectations of the patient.


We are also equipped to repair dentures. We offer a variety of denture repair options including:

  • • Denture reline
  • • Denture rebase
  • • Adjustment due to a sore spot


Full Dentures

We use only the highest quality materials like Hight impact acrylic and also offer a variety of teeth types, from regular to IPN as well as porcelain, all to fabricate the best custom denture and achieve complete patient satisfaction.

Valplast Partials

Valplast is a flexible, nylon thermoplastic that is thinner and more translucent than traditional partials. Doctors appreciate the minimal prep, easy insertion and long term strength. Patients love Valplast’s metal-free comfort and natural appearance.

Framework Partials

Cast framework partials have superior physical properties and generally occupy less space in the mouth than acrylic dentures. They are stronger, have a greater resistance to fatigue and are less likely to break under normal conditions. Unlike plastic partial dentures, these are clipped to the natural teeth with clasps and incorporate rests on the teeth. We offer Chrome Cobalt, Titanium and Vitallium alloy for our partials.

Acrylic Partials

This partial has an acrylic base into which the denture teeth are set and is attached to the natural teeth with small metal clasps. The acrylic partial may be available with more durable, natural-looking teeth, right up to the Ultra partial.